Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Legacy

While probing the singular magics of this Web of Wide Worlds, I, Manterakus of Turev, discovered Dyson's Dodecahedron, an eldritch repository of Labyrinthine secrets. Inspired and informed by that worthy's most diligent efforts to divulge the mysteries of many underdelvings, I besought to undertake a catalogue of multitudinous dark places personally assayed with the  incidental assistance of comrades-in-arms.

Herein, shall you find an exhaustive epic of enigmatic excavations that seem to breed in the regions adjacent to and including bygone Othic domains. I endeavor to provide insight into the riddles of those forgotten locales, and seek to entertain with poise, wit, and the infrequent humorous anecdote.

Welcome, devotee of donjons drear, and may you always find before you are found!

I hereby grant all comers permission to use my maps for non-commercial, personal endeavors.

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