Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Subterranean Pond

Soon after acquiring the techniques of Mr. Logos, I determined to experiment with small cards measuring 3 of this realm's inches by 5.  These were printed with a regular square grid in a light shade of blue that does not in fact disappear when transcribed by your extraordinary scribal dweomers.  Lengthy rituals involving the GIMP spell enabled me to achieve the desired effect.

This piece details a section of caverns near the village of Ognya in the demense of Boyar Patra Ogonovich Ustilar.  We were engaged in a running battle with Wampyr nymphs who had absconded with Lords Patra's daughter, Yelena Patrovna.  My companions and I had ambushed the Wampyri by the ford in the upper level, but a vindictive nymph felt it necessary to toss the lady into the river.  I raced to retrace our steps, leapt off the cliff, and hastened to the bridge where I redeemed the saturated noblewoman.  Alas, the girl did not survive the fall over the rushing cataract into the craggy mere.  She arose a Wampyr and we found it necessary to swiftly retire Ustilari lands.

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